In recent years, I have written two books which are essentially autobiographical and some short stories for the young at heart of whatever age. I have set aside a separate Writing Page for these.

In this new page, I intend to write some articles on other aspects of my experiences in psychotherapy, as a counsellor trainer, and in the field of personal development.

learning outside the curriculum

My work, although in very different fields has been rooted in educational environments: school, college and university. I see myself essentially as a learner in cooperation with others in learning in the wider environment of life. I have been interested for some time in learning that is not on the curriculum in formal education and yet is so important (to me) in life. And that may provide me with fresh impetus and motivation to develop this page.

I haven't yet decided how I am going to set about putting stuff on this page, but setting it up and naming it is my statement of intent. Watch this space.