Website Layout

Website Layout at a Glance

layout, operation and plans

The details of site development, presently announced on the Home page, will be recorded here in future.

change in home and news pages

after six months in operation, I have decided to set up the home and news pages on a monthly basis. The home and news items will operate from the top down so that later items in each month will be added to the top of the page and the rest of the items pushed down. The two pages will then be stored in the ark and log directories repectively once a month and replaced by the next month's pages.

site operation

The structure of the site is a wheel with the Home page at the hub and ring pages on the rim one click away from each other and the hub.
  • A brief description of each page on the ring is given below. The main streams of the site (will) flow from the ring pages. See Writing or Gallery as examples.
  • Identical ring tabs are included at the bottom of the home page, and all the ring pages for convenience in navigating the ring and so the site.
  • *** & ==

    As an aid to looking for what is new and what is coming, I have continued to mark

  • changes to the site

    home and ring pages

    ring pages in the pipeline