it's not mick
plenty of blue here; but I don't think it's mick
new cambell u19
(1) a young new cambell u19 netball squad at the regional nationals
new cambell u19 (2) left to right, back row: stephanie, lauren, charlotte, ruby, laura
front row: stephanie, sarah, victoria, lydia and robyn (not in photo)
bright faces (3) some smiling faces, seen regularly at the nationals,
looking bright and sparky early in the morning
left to right: lisa, sharon, karen, daryl, and lisa
mick (4) no blues here except for the jacket and shirt;
just another welcome smiling face:
mick (josé's double)
ktt (5) three more friendly faces I was pleased to see on the day
left to right: kelsey, tania, and terri
purple squad (6) new cambell netball purple squad in essex metropolitan league,
back row left to right: robyn, jodie, ruby and nicky(capt)
stephanie, lauren, kavan and stephanie
whirling ... (7) about to start whirling... warming up (8) ...warming up... headless (9) is this face bovvered? over (10)...not now it's over! witches hats (11) climbing the witch's hats at the adventure playground, harlow town park.
casey, alfie, jay, jake and lily.
 smudge (12) going to the town centre by scooter, bike and shank's pony
jake, jay, alfie, casey, lily and rory
lunch at 10
(13) sunday lunch after the sleepover
sunday lunch
(14) on the left: casey, lily, alfie, jay, jake, sumo declan, helen
15sunday lunch
(15) on the right: helen, rory bronwen jason, rebecca, ruby, raymond and rae
 (16) jay's no. 8 cake loaded with edible debris added by the kids happy birthday to you...
(17) happy birthday to you...
(18) the big blowout...
(19) alfie on his first sleepover
20national apples day
(20) celebrating national apples day...
(21) bagfuls of apples to take home...
(22) last sign of autumn
23holly and ruby
(23) another friendly face at redbridge essex metropolitan netball: holly with ruby
24crosskeys netball (24) crosskeys netball 1st team at the John Warner Sports Centre

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october album contents

  • Netball Regional Nationals day for U19s at Redbridge Sunday October 7th 2007.
  • New Cambell U19 Netball Squad.
  • New Cambell Purple Team Squad in the Essex Metropolitan League at Redbridge on Saturday 13th October 2007
  • Belly Dancing Night; Whirling Dervish at Darbucka's Upper Street Islington
  • Another Sleepover Weekend
  • Jay's Birthday Cake
  • Celebration of National Apples Day
  • Another familiar friendly face from netball at Redbridge: Holly
  • Crosskeys Netball !st Team at the John Warner Sportcentre.

photos still to come:

  • The Chinese Terra Cotta Army at the British Museum