Family August 2007

This is the launch of the family page. Most pages on the site have aspects of family in them. So far, in order to give this page one definite focus I have decided to introduce the subject of family genealogy on this page.

Who do we come from?

In the first instance, the input to the genealogy section will concentrate on members of families in recent but past generations.

Family one and two generations back

My parents were:
Ellen (Sargent) White and David White

The names of my grandparents are:
Kate (Arrigan) Sargent and Thomas Sargent,
and Ruth (Hurle) White and Isedore Bertram White

I have fairly detailed trees on my father's side, and conducted some research in Ireland on my mother's, but that requires further updating with a trip to Waterford in Ireland to put family trees together.

Family trees and individuals in the family so far included in this work can be found in: Genealogy

Some of the conclusions I have come to in undertaking this work can be found in:

  • What I have learned from this search