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camp page 2007

A new style of album in the early stages of development is now on site. The latest is

paulton park and the noddy train***

For you bigger bugs at the ugly bug ball:

ugly bug ball album(2)***

Still working on the blog: more excerpts to follow.

blog highlights

saturday 28th july

This blog owes nothing to fact, truth, accuracy or relevance, but if you want anything changed, taken out, embellished or inserted let me know.

A fine day at last. Cath, Laurie and Christine depart. Day of the ugly bug ball. Face painting is going on furiously.

8 o'clock and ugly bug ball starts with games for the younger bugs:

  • In the swamp, on the bank with lunar-tic musical statues with bugs doing their two, four, six, eight or more-step dancing. How many legs does archiebug (caterpillar) have?
  • Two rounds of chinese whispers organised by Hollybug.
  • The Royal Bug choir sings "In a cottage in a wood" with bug signing led by lilybug.
  • "Ugly bug ball" song led by the archiebug The entire bug choir, accompanied by Jillbug on the guitar, gave a highly polished performance for the first verse and chorus. The second verse, however had bugs in it. And it appears someone gave us a mixture of the second and third verse which just didn't work. Confusion reigned. Here are the words to the verses and chorus of the: Ugly Bug Ball

The exhausted mites and bugs retire to their nests/hives/holes ...

You can view the antics of the small bugs and mites in the new

ugly bug ball album(1)***

More of the photos of the big and bigger bugs are on site in:

ugly bug ball album(2)***

Blog and more photos to follow.

celebrity picture-story

the visit of our celebrity super-heroes:
robin hood and little john; see and read the celebrity picture-story

I shall be putting this comic-strip story into the writing page under stories for children.

children's concert

The children's concert took place on the Friday at the end of the first week. The audience included new arrivals Deena and Stuart with Archie and little Lily and Tracie and Ian with Sam, Max and ?, Matt and Kate, and Jill and Conor. Raymond and Sam arrived later.

The entertainers for the night: casey, christine, jasmine, lily, jay, archie and jake.


what's coming up ==

  • paulton park ==
  • the ugly bug ball big and bigger bugs
  • variety night ==
  • the camp blog first week ==
    the camp blog second week ==

Camp photos

If you have any photos that you would like included from camp (or anwhere else) send them to me by email/snapfish/post ...