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"a real story": breakthrough

Since I have been in touch with my cousins Lewis and Brian who are part of the Bowden family my father grew up in, I have been able to start to put together a more rounded view of the history of my grandmother `Dolly' of Edensor Place and the family who lived there together with a few more photos and stories.

It will make re-drafting sections of the book " A Real Story" a pleasure. It will be a while yet before it is up on site, but I am delighted to be able to make progress after so many years searching. The cropped picture of Dolly and Albert courtesy of my cousin Lewis.


At this time of the year read the story of the banshee

But there's something else about Auntie Mary. Her eyes. Each is a different mix of colour, not so's you'd notice, people say, but you do. We do, because we can't help staring, even though we are told that it's rude to stare. Whether one of those startlingly odd eyes affects the appearance of the other, I don't know, but they do seem to have a curious ability to change colour.

Changing Eyes

changing colour

Out in the air with the sky, they are blue; in the fields, as green as the grass; by the trees, they shade into a tawny-brown; and in the reflection of the flames in the grate, framed by the glow of her red hair, before our very eyes, they seem to catch fire.

But it's not staring at them that I find scary ...

Continued in the story of the banshee

news at 10 update: october 31st

The news at 10 page has been updated October 5th/8th/10th/16th/25th/31st

new album: marty and john's do ***

A compilation from photos by Bronwen and Rebecca at the Summer Garden Party 2007. The album is designed to allow easy additions and removals, so if you have photos that you would like included (or replaced!) send them by post/email/snapfish/flickr...

Scan through the new album: marty and john's do***

new album: october ***

I have designed a new album structure which will record photographs for each month. The album will gradually fill in the same way that the home and `news at 10' pages are updated through the month. The october album *** is starting to fill and starts with:

  • more photos at the regional nationals with the new cambell u19 netball squad.

Further information on the October album will be posted on the news at 10 page

new cambell u19 netball squad

The new cambell u19 netball squad at the regional nationals at Redbridge on October 7th. Click on the photo for the `bigpicture' individual portraits.

More photos to follow. Look here or on news at 10. Hit contact to comment or send me a message.

new cambell

new cambell u19 netball squad for the regional nationals left to right:
back row: stephanie lauren charlotte ruby laura
front row: stephanie sarah vicky lydia
and robyn (not in photo)

new short story

I have completed a draft version of a short story called
A Street Tale of Childhood: The Devil is in the Detail (draft: pdf 59Kb)

It is the latest story in the Tir na nO´g Series. It is only available as a pdf file for now. See the Writing page Comments and suggestions welcome.

latest design album

The most recent complete album with the latest design is Thames Festival ***
I am delighted with the results of the design. Looking to stand back a bit to see how it might be tweaked.

work page

I have launched the space for the new Work page. The ark page and its content of back issues has been moved to the navigation (left) column of the Home page. The Ark tab is now replaced by a Work tab.

in the pipeline ==

camp 2007 blog ==

The blog is almost complete ==. We have five albums completed for Camp 2007 on the gallery page. Two to go and a bit more write up for the camp. Any other photos or comments?

Albums still to come:

  • variety night album ==
  • general camp album ==

*** & ==

As an aid to looking for what is new and what is coming, I have continued to mark

  • new or updated items on the site with `***'
  • and items in the pipeline with `=='.

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