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March 2009

the white girls

the white sisters

Epilogue to `A Rum Punch'

I have added an epilogue to the story --- it's more like the end of the saga --- although I am not sure if it is over yet.

A Rum Punch***(81Kb pdf)

It is a story about a holiday that didn't quite go according to plan... or the next plan...

Read or download as a pdf file. It has been added to the Tir na n'Og collection on the writing page.

Florence and Beatrice on a Birthday Card

florence and beatrice

Florence And Beatrice

Our good friends: Gerd and Ewa

We met Gerd and Ewa while on holiday in Tenerife while staying at Hospiten Sur Tenerife.

gerd and ewa

Gerd and Ewa from Vienna

February 2009

jay boy

jay boy


jack, jay, casey and rory

Christmas 2008: first day out

on the wall

first day out and on the wall with
ella, ruby, billy, rae, dave and david

Christmas 2008 : Hospiten Sur Tenerife

This rendition of `A Christmas Song' by Billy Fahey I have dedicated to Ewa and Gerd who helped to make Christmas day 2008 an unforgettable experience.

Happy Birthday Ella Ella Ella

Gimme the Night by Billy and Choir

There is also a clip of my good friend Gerd in this video.

Geoff Hyde is Innocent

Karen's (of Oliver and Karen) dad, Geoff Hyde, is innocent. For more information and to sign the petition goto:

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