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The start of the garden shed

Geoff Hyde is Innocent

Karen's (of Oliver and Karen) dad, Geoff Hyde, is innocent. For more information and to sign the petition goto:

Photos of New Year in El Medano

Follow the link and click on "Slideshow" and use the F11 key for full page display.

Summer 2008 Garden Party

a fortune teller

Our fortune teller

Click on the cover to see the first pictures here. When it opens out click on sideshow to get a continuous flow of larger pictures. Thanks to Bex, Theo and Becca for the photos.

Reclaiming the Allotment

allotment reclaim

Reclaiming the Allotment: Rae, Jake, Ray, Lily and Becca

Sheffield University Sport 2007-8

Ella is elected as Sports Officer

A clip showing the election result.

Netball as an Olympic Sport for 2012

I have joined the petition for the instatement of netball (second only to fooball as a national UK sport) as an Olympic Sport. As a fan of netball I reckon it's time it was more recognized on the international stage.

I include a favourite clip of mine from a match between New Zealand and Australia in July 2007.

Another Album Style (Google)

This album is for the Crosskeys Netball Club. I have been working hard setting up their new website which you can see at

Consequently I haven't updated much on this site apart from Ruby and Ella's Albums. But it is time for a spring clean ... and as Holly says "Back to the book and writing".

Ruby's 18th birthday

Happy Birthday Ruby! I have put an album for you on the News at 10 page

ruby's 18th birthday

Ruby's 18th birthday Album

Ella's 21st Birthday

Happy Birthday Ella!

ella's 21st

ella's 21st birthday

I have posted an album for your birthday on News at 10 page

Tir na n'Og

The Tir na n'Og stories have been set up on a separate page. When I have finished the stories I intend to put them together in a book.

latest version of `The Doodlebug'

Thanks to all who read and commented on the previous version and particularly to Pete who maintains a detailed commentary through every version.

The new version The Doodlebug (pdf 289K) is now on site. It has pictures added and will therefore take a litle longer to load. I think it's the final version ( but perhaps I should never say final).

I have retained a smaller version without illustrations
The Doodlebug***(72Kb pdf) for quicker access.

Comments and suggestions still welcome.

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site history

The record of the site is contained in past home pages, previous news at 10 pages and the the present range of pages on the ring tabs in the navigation row..

(Courtesy of stu nicholls at
I have designed a drop down menu at the top of the navigation column which lists the previous home pages.

In the event of this menu not working for a particular browser, there is a duplicate list in link form lower down the column. I shall be setting up a similar menu for the list of previous news at 10 pages.

You can of course search the site through the google facility located at the foot of the navigation column.

site updates

have all been updated with new content, structure or both.

new short story: the doodlebug***

I finished "the doodlebug***" (draft) for Remembrance Sunday. It has developed from a short story in my book, "a real story". It's another one in the Auntie Mary - Uncle Jim saga.

changes to the home page

After six months of experimenting with structure, layout, timing and what goes where, I have decided to stabilize with the following operating guidelines:

  • That the home page will be seasonal rather than monthly.
  • Latest items about the site will go at the top of the page pushing the rest down
  • The navigation column (left) will include an index of items on the page (home page in brief) at the top of the column. A link in the index, when clicked, will take you to the corresponding item on the page.
  • The navigation column will continue to have links to items to do with the page, for example, a set of links to archived home pages (ark ), and The google facility to search the site is also located there.

I am hoping that this approach will make less of a demand on my time for site maintenance, and give me more time for adding content. That's the plan.

in the pipeline ==

emotions and mindset

A person-centred and existential approach. Thought about writing a book on this subject for some time. A `blog' approach seemed to be a novel way of getting started so I am hoping on a regular basis to open up some discussion on one or two topics at a time, get some feedback, update and carry on.

more general pupose photo album

Another more general pupose album is on its way. It will incorporate many of the features of recent albums but will be easier to set up and manage.

The album will gradually fill in the same way that the home and `news at 10' pages are updated .

camp 2007 blog ==

The blog is (still) almost complete ==. We have five albums completed for Camp 2007 on the gallery page. Two to go and a bit more write up for the camp. Any other photos or comments?

Albums still to come:

  • variety night album ==
  • general camp album ==

best of last month

breakthrough: "a real story"

This item about my father's adoptive family including my cousins Lewis and Brian will continue on the news at 10 page.

october album

Further information on the october album will be posted on the news at 10 page

new short story

I have completed a draft version of a short story called
A Street Tale of Childhood: The Devil is in the Detail (draft: pdf 59Kb)

It is the latest story in the Tir na nO´g Series. It is only available as a pdf file for now. See the Writing page Comments and suggestions welcome.

work page

I have launched the space for the new Work page. The ark page and its content of back issues has been moved to the navigation (left) column of the Home page. The Ark tab is now replaced by a Work tab.

*** & ==

As an aid to looking for what is new and what is coming, I have continued to mark

  • new or updated items on the site with `***'
  • and items in the pipeline with `=='.

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