Happy Birthday: June 5 2007 Extra

There's a Beatle's song that starts "When I get older ..." the next bit applies more to me than to you but it's a good one to whistle to gain a bit of attention ...

Home Page: May 2007 Extra

Stop Press

Topical News at 10 for June 5th!

The next update of the site will be towards the end of June. Interim changes will be notified here at the top of the Home Page as Extra until the next update. . It looks as though the News at 10 page will be changing quite frequently --- perhaps fortnightly or even weekly.- There is more News at 10 for June 1st.

Interim Update

With that in mind, while updating the news, I have added a News Log *** to the ring pages with its own tab. Previous News at 10 pages will be archived in the News Log so that old news can be re-visited.

A Gallery *** page has also joined the ring pages and will eventually be a structured gallery for photos, pictures ... For the moment, the Gallery has just one collection under Gallery Old Hat. The News Log is a bit lke an overflow bin. It calls for some creative filing systems.


The Google search engine has at last caught up with us and so the Google search facility for this web-site and the internet is now functioning. It is in the left column on every page with the familiar Google trademark and allows you to search the site directly. Type in banashee to see how it works.

Ruby's Short Picture Story

Ruby has produced a short picture-story which will entertain some of the kids. It's on the News page. (Ed.)

Home Page: May 2007

One month on. The site is growing and appears to be functioning without a hitch so far --- at least no-one has contacted me to sort out a difficulty. Early days.

As an aid to looking for what is new and what is coming, I have marked

  • items new on the site with `***'
  • and items in the pipeline with `=='.

What's New in Stories?

After many alterations, the final (finished?) version of the first short story of the Tír na nÓg Stories The Banshee *** is on site.

But there's something else about Auntie Mary. Her eyes. Each is a different mix of colour, not so's you'd notice, people say, but you do. We do, because we can't help staring, even though we are told that it's rude to stare. Whether one of those startlingly odd eyes affects the appearance of the other, I don't know, but they do seem to have a curious ability to change colour.

Changing Eyes

changing colour

Out in the air with the sky, they are blue; in the fields, as green as the grass; by the trees, they shade into a tawny-brown; and in the reflection of the flames in the grate, framed by the glow of her red hair, before our very eyes, they seem to catch fire.

But it's not staring at them that I find scary ...

This story and those that follow are available in two formats:

  • A web version(html) which allows for a more flexible structure and special effects: see, for example, the above extract from The Banshee. Window of the Soul

    I am experimenting with layout in order to make reading stories easier on the eye and more enjoyable. In time, I hope to make more use of this flexibility,. e.g. to add sound, animation, video ... The link format for this flexible version is just the name of the story. The Banshee
  • A book-like version(pdf) which is more suitable and easy to download for printing, storing and reading as hard copy. This version has a link format which is the name of the story followed by the size of the file and pdf. The Banshee(369k,pdf)

When I have completed(!) the Tír na nÓg Stories I propose to publish them as a book of children's stories.

What's New in Books?

A Real Story not a Hollywood Film: 2nd Edition.

I have added another three revised chapters to the 2nd edition making five chapters completed.
They are in pdf format, and separately written so that they can be individually downloaded as printed versions for easier reading. The revision includes additional photographs and drawings. They can be accessed from the Writing page under books.

What's New in Site Development?

Changes to the site:

Home and Ring Pages

Ring Pages in the Pipeline

end of archive : may home page 2007