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new camp page ***

July 4th is an important day. But more of that later as Kirstie says ... There is a new tab for the camp page which opens today in time for this year's camp.

the hen-tree

The picture on the left when enlarged includes a view of the "hen-tree" --- the tree in the banner headline. There was a time when the outline of this tree as you looked at it from the field looked distinctly like a hen.

the big picture: photo option

Some photos, besides a thumbnail crop and standard enlargement, are offered as a `big picture'. There is a varying time penalty for downloadind a 3Mbyte file but sometimes the detail is worth it.

To zoom in on this picture for more detail of the hen-tree and Daisy (on the chair) who is sulking because she wants to go to the tuck-shop, have a look at the big picture: sumo cooking, the hen-tree and daisy

camp 2006 gallery***

There is also a Camp 2006 gallery*** under way. At the moment there are just a few photos but the aim is to have enough on display to bring the camp to life.

photo handling

Those who check in for the news at 10 may have noticed that the photos in the sidebars are changing both in look and in content. With some insightful help from Bryn, a photography whiz among his other whizzes, I have been experimenting with the photos in the galleries and on home and news pages.

Now you can click on the mini-pic itself, as well as the caption, to link to the larger version of the picture. I haven't managed to produce this feature in all the galleries yet, but new galleries as they are installed will have it. And it will continue as a feature of the `home' and `news at 10' pages. The "big picture" option will also be offered on the `home' page and `news at 10' page and in the galleries for selected photos. If there is a photo you would like to see with this option mail me.

updates and backdates

There is an updated News at 10 for June 28th. But because there is a lot of news, and there is a lot to do, the news at 10 and the home page will be in a continuous state of update for the next week or so. So watch this space.

If you want to catch up on some past home pages or past news at 10 pages check out the
Ark page and
News Log page respectively.

beatrice gallery***

There is a new photos gallery in its early stages: beatrice gallery


A real story gallery has been improved; see news at 10.


Thought I'd keep this one in for another round as it is one of my favourite pictures of you and Holly so thought I would post it again belatedly for your birthday.

changes to pages

Pages on the ring which will regularly have updates in addition to the home and news at 10 pages include

some notes included from last time

Details of site structure and operation and proposed plans are now held on the layout page

early camp gallery ==

Just starting a camp gallery for the sixties and seventies. Any one with photos? I have a few to put together mostly black and white. Another one is in the side column.

camp 2006 gallery ==

A compehensive gallery for camp 2006 is in the pipeline watch this space shortly.

home page

Ideally the home page will change monthly and will consist of new material. If there is to be repeated or permanent items they will be entered at the bottom of the page in the respective columns.

about google on site

The google search engine has at last caught up with us and so the google search facility for this web-site and the internet is now functioning. Generally it takes google a couple of weeks or so to register new information on the site.

It is in the left column on every page with the familiar google trademark and allows you to search the site directly. For example if you want to see if you are mentioned on the site type your name in the google box.

ruby's short picture story

this story is on the news log for june 15th. I shall be entering it on the writing/stories page eventually.

*** & ==

As an aid to looking for what is new and what is coming, I have continued to mark

  • new or updated items on the site with `***'
  • and items in the pipeline with `=='.

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