archive for home pages

Welcome to the archive for the Home pages of this website.

home page: back issues

Ark contains back copies of home pages on the site. So far the back copies include:

searching the homepages***

Click on the back issue you want to see. I have set up an internal circling mechanism similar to that used in the news log so that once you have chosen a back issue you can circle backwards and forwards through the old home pages sequentially by tab links without returning here on the archive page (ark) to look up a particular month.

When a full update of the site takes place the current home page will be archived in the Ark page. .

Ark and Log pages together with the current ring pages and their descendant pages provide a complete record of the site.

linking up

I have tried to ensure the original intention of links within the news log and home page archives, so that, for example, a reference in an archived home page to a news item perhaps current at that time will find that news page in the news log. The ring navigation tabs, top and bottom, will always take you to the currently active ring and home pages.