home page august 28th

a new gallery page ***

There are a set of new albums on the gallery page. The structure has been redesigned so that a gallery may contain a set of albums. For example the new Camp 2007 gallery == will contain about six albums when complete.

The good news is that four of the albums are up and running. The latest one --- the ugly bug ball for bigger bugs is now on site. (An experiment with some newish ideas about galleries).

august 17th: happy birthday sumo!

Portsmouth are doing well too!

a new camp page ***

The blog for Camp 2007 has been started. There is already an article featuring our celebrity super-heroes... see the Camp 2007 page for details.

a new family page ***

Just up on site is a new family page with a genealogy section with family trees that go back three or four generations from me. And I am already followed by two more generations!

There is within the genealogy section a list of the individual family members on the trees and I hope to build a database of records for them. The whole section is in its early stages but I think it already shows what it could be like eventually. I will try to update it on a regular basis so that it becomes more coherent and informative. Comments welcome.

back issues of the home page

The ark page (the archive for home pages) will soon be transferred to the home page and past issues will be recorded in the left (navigation) column under `Ark Page' as shown.

ugly bug ball at camp 2007

The small bugs have arrived. Look out for for the small bugs and mites in ugly bug ball album *** The big and bigger bugs are on their way. Watch this space.

camp 2007 gallery ==

The rest of the gallery is in preparation.

Any other photos to be included? Send them to me by email/snapfish/post.

camp 2007 blog ==

Soon to be presented. Watch this space for more news of `The Ugly Bug Ball', `Variety Night', `Paulton Park'. There's a lot to come.

updates and backdates

news log

The news log page has been moved into the news page to make way for the family page. The past issues of `News at 10' are now listed in the left column on the News page under `News log: Back Issues'.

changes to pages

Pages on the ring which will regularly have updates (for some time!) include:

notes included from last time

layout page

Details of site structure and operation and proposed plans are now held on the layout page

early camp gallery == request for photos

Just starting a camp gallery for the sixties and seventies. Any one with photos? I have a few to put together mostly black and white. Another one is in the side column.

camp 2006 gallery ==

A compehensive gallery for camp 2006 is in the pipeline watch this space shortly.

home page

Ideally the home page will change monthly and will consist of new material. If there is to be repeated or permanent items they will be entered at the bottom of the page in the respective columns.

about google on site

The google search engine has at last caught up with us and so the google search facility for this web-site and the internet is now functioning. Generally it takes google a couple of weeks or so to register new information on the site.

It is in the left column on every page with the familiar google trademark and allows you to search the site directly. For example if you want to see if you are mentioned on the site type your name in the google box.

*** & ==

As an aid to looking for what is new and what is coming, I have continued to mark

  • new or updated items on the site with `***'
  • and items in the pipeline with `=='.

end of archive : august home page 2007