Home Page

Introduction: What's On Site?

I have decided to start with a small but functional site. The main idea is to operate a a number of central directories which at the moment will consist of a home page, a contact page and a writing page.

Home Page

Where you arrive and where you find announcements for updates to the site. like this:

  • First short story of the Tír na nÓg Stories The Banshee is on site.
  • So too is my first book (first edition) A Real Story --- Not a Hollywood Film

Contact Page

Where you can contact me by email if you wish to comment ...

Writing Page

This is divided into two sections, one is short stories and the other is books I have written or extracts from books I am writing

Pages to Come

I intend to expand the site to include some or all of the following pages

  • Family/Genealogy
  • Work: therapy; mathematics;
  • News at 10
  • Camp: rationale for 4 decades

I haven't sussed out the reasons for this website yet. --- I need more time to decide what it's about.


To Bryn Harries for coming up with the essential design strategy for the site and for keeping me on track when I wanted to attempt the impossible. Bryn can be contacted on the Parlicoot link.

If you want to go further on this site it's time to hit the writing or contact links: